People are the most important ingredient of any organisation and certainly at Culinera.



Culinera know it is incredibly important to invest in the development of our teams. People are the most important ingredient of any organisation. The skill and ability of our teams will be the cornerstone to our success, which is why, in addition to our core training programmes we have created three specialist training academies run by industry experts. 

Through our Culinera Academies, our teams will be mentored, they will grow in confidence and have the skills to better serve our customers. 

The following academies will underpin our pledge for quality of product and service to our schools.


Building back up from the basics of cooking

NVQ management training

Skills to safegurd everyone

The Cooks Academy is a development path that allows experienced, new or aspiring Cooks to master their craft. Ask any Chef and the first thing they will tell you is that you have to have the basics mastered; our Cooks Academy will deliver just this. We will cover everything from knife skills, to sauces, sautés to stock; our Cooks will have the confidence to try new dishes, accept feedback and deliver exceptional catering.

The Culinera People Academy is the next tool in our Cooks, Manager and Supervisors armoury. An essential part to managing a kitchen is managing the people, the personalities and the development of those who inhabit it. We believe that everyone should have a great manager who motivates, thanks and actively manages the performance of the team.

Core Compliance is all about allergens, health and safety, temperatures, chemicals, COSHH…You name it – this academy covers it! Whilst Culinera has systems in place to immediately ensure these things are in place, ultimately our Cooks, Managers and Supervisors need to be given the tools to champion and comply with all requirements.





Managing Director

Tom has a great love of three things; hard work, flying and his cats! Our favourite anecdote about Tom is that he made it to the final auditions of the Young Apprentice, was a finalist in a national business competition and was the youngest Business Development Manager in the industry. Tom won the prestigious Acorn 30 Under 30 award at just 24, and has now created Culinera - it’s safe to say he doesn’t do things by halves! Tom has taken an active role in his community by supporting charities such as Scannappeal and Hospitality Action. 

Tom is so excited to share Culinera with the world; a brand-new era in food, service and partnership.